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Staffing Issues
Integrating Technology 

Helix’s Seedling Extractor is a machine custom-built to automate the seedling harvest process by extracting the seedlings from their styrofoam containers for transplantation.

Not only is it the most cost effective way to extract your seedlings, it also erases the need to hire and manage labor staff, besides the few individuals needed to run the machine itself


Helix specializes in supplying equipment and know-how for the nursery industry. We exist to make your life easier. 


Serving all of North America, we understand the needs of our customers. Specifically, the need to process seedlings quickly and cost-efficiently, without the overhead labour requires. 


Introducing Helix's Seedling Extractor. Integrating the latest controls and automation technology, our machine is affordable and extremely competitive in the seedling extraction marketplace.


Lease options available.

Nurseries and Forestry

Helix’s Seedling Extractor is designed for Styroblock and can process 140,000-180,000 plants on an average eight hour shift depending on the block configuration.

We keep innovating our machinery as we understand the industry is ever changing and greater demand is put on Nurseries as margins get tighter. By being based in North America we can easily adapt to our clients needs.

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